The ingredients of Herbal Detox!

Herbal Detox is a detox supplement that contains a balanced combination of natural herbs that are good for intestinal and liver detoxification. And it is mild enough to use regularly.

What is Herbal Detox?


  • If you drink at night, it will be clear and clear in the morning (My personal impression).
  • It is mild enough to use regularly and has no addiction.
  • As it is a set of TWO, it will last long.

It is milder than Secret Detox. And as it is a set of two, it will last 2 month even if you take 1 tablet daily.


For those who want to be refreshed tomorrow morning.

Main ingredients of Herbal Detox

  • Dandelion extract (root)
  • Milk Thistle extract(seed)
  • Artichoke extract(root)
  • Sarsaparilla extract(root)
  • Senna 3% extract(leaf)
  • Cascara Sagrada extract(bark)


  • Liver and kidney tonic
  • Waste discharge
  • Digestive promotion
  • Constipation cancellation
  • Improving swelling

Dandelion is a plant belonging to the family Asteraceae and is also referred to as danderion or dandelion.

It is a very lovely flower, but it has strong roots and makes it feel strong vitality.


Herbal Detox contains a root extract that is rich in the active ingredients of dandelion.

Maria thistle (milk thistle)

  • Improve liver regeneration ability, improveliver function
  • Palliation of liver dysfunction and liver disease
  • Anti-acidification
  • Diuretic effect


There is such excellent action in Maria thistle, but these are all the effects of the active ingredient of silymarin contained in the seeds of Maria thistle .

It has been recognized for its efficacy at medical institutions in various European countries, and Germany has approved its use for chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis as an herb that has an effect on hepatic dysfunction.


After three months of drinking Maria thistle, neutral fat decreased considerably. It is great even though I’m not particularly exercising!

I was pointed out liver function by medical check up, so he started drinking thistle. Then two weeks later re-examination did not point out anything.

These voices from the Amazon review.


Milk thistle specializes in the improvement of liver function responsible for whole body detoxification.



  • Strong antioxidant (same level as blueberry and red wine)
  • Digestive promotion
  • Diuretic effect
  • Promote regeneration of liver and gallbladder


Antioxidants such as anthocyanins, quercetin and rutin are included, and anti-aging effects can be expected.

In addition, the most popular component of artichoke, cinaline, is also used in Italy for improving liver function medicines, and is expected to be effective in preventing diabetes and reducing neutral fat and cholesterol.

 Sarsa parilla

( Quoted from Wikipedia )

Sarsaparilla is a plant of South America.

  • Anti-acidification
  • Hormonal balance adjustment
  • Skin care effect
  • Blood purification
  • Diuretic effect
  • Liver protection

It has such a wonderful effect, and has been used as a medicine for a long time locally.

The work of saponin is great

It is the abundant saponin that is the basis of the excellent effects of sarsaparilla.

In Japan, burdocks that contain a large amount of saponin have been discussed as having anti-aging effects, but the same effect can be expected from sarsaparillas.


It is an African native herb that is famous for its strong constipation improvement effect .

The constipation improvement effect of senna originates in the component called sennoside contained in senna strongly stimulating the intestinal tract and promoting peristalsis.


It is a herb used to improve constipation .

It is a daily detox supplement that you can drink freely when you want to reset the intestines

  • When you ate something junky
  • When you drank too much
  • When you do not feel well (a little negative)

At such time, you should take Herbal Detox.


Secret Detox is powerful, so you should drink it on holidays, but Herbal Detox is calm, so you can drink it when I want.



That’s all.

Do you try to always have some Detox supplements?




日本在住のお客様への大切なご注意: 当サイトで取り上げる製品は日本において再販売登録がされていないものがあります。もしご購入される場合は個人輸入のためのみにお買い求めいただけます。このウェブサイト及びリンク先サイトに掲載されている製品によっては、日本では医薬品成分であるものが含まれている場合がございます。自己の責任のもと、個人使用を目的にお求め下さい。


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