Next-generation anti-aging with Swiss apple

If you feel that your skin has become weak, or if you want to rejuvenate your skin, it is recommended that you use Swiss apple. As a result of various investigations, I use the cream of the Swiss apple blend.

Swiss apple recommended for

  • If you want to manage wrinkles, slacks, dark spots
  • If you want to have the confidence on your natural skin
  • If you want skin with a sense of firmness and transparency
  • If you want to rejuvenate skin age

For men and women who want to keep their skin youthful or want to rejuvenate their skin due to skin stress, it may be better to try Swiss apple, which is said to be a “rejuvenation drug”. I will.

There are many anti-aging ingredients,but Swiss apple is special.

【Does not rotten apple】 About Swiss apple

A brief summary of The Uttwiler Spatlauber apple (known as “Swiss apple”).


  • It does not rot for 4 months after harvest
  • There are only 20 Swiss apple trees in the world
  • Anti-aging ingredients that Michelle Obama also uses
  • An ingredient developed by Mibert Biochemistry in Switzerland, a patent ingredient called Phyto Cell Tech Malus Domestica
  • There is clinical data that up to 80% of human stem cells can be transformed with only 1% of Swiss apple combination products
  • It is said “Medicine for rejuvenation”

The amazing anti-aging effect of Swiss apple is due to the component called apple stem cells contained in Swiss apple.

Apple stem cells activate the stem cells in the epidermis of the skin and improve wrinkles and sagging.

Secret Repair:Swiss apple cream that I actually use

I used to use the brand called Rice Force in Japan (which I liked because the blue bottle is beautiful ^ _ ^), but I have used this Secret Repair since I knew the Swiss apple .

Secret Repair is a cream, but the feeling I used is refreshing.

Among the high priced Swiss apple blend products, it is very realistic, and because it is long-lasting, and I like it very much.



If you are lost among many cosmetics, why not take in the Swiss apple?


That’s all.

Thank you very much.



日本在住のお客様への大切なご注意: 当サイトで取り上げる製品は日本において再販売登録がされていないものがあります。もしご購入される場合は個人輸入のためのみにお買い求めいただけます。このウェブサイト及びリンク先サイトに掲載されている製品によっては、日本では医薬品成分であるものが含まれている場合がございます。自己の責任のもと、個人使用を目的にお求め下さい。


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