【Personal experience】Emergency diet with speed-oriented diet supplement SOS BURN S

Because I had to lose 5 kg within 2 months, I took SOS BURN S(Fountain)!

Short-term diet challenge with SOS BURN S

In the summer of that year, it was a fun event, and I wanted to make an immediate decision in the remaining two months until that day-as a result of searching for it, I arrived at the US diet supplement, SOS Burn S.


This SOS Burn S is an emergency diet supplement for people who just can’t wait.

I lost 5 kg in 1 month!

I lost 10 kg in 2 months!

It is an impressive item that there are a lot of flashy experiences.


By the way, it was formerly called SOS GOLD PRO.

  • Black ginger
  • Korean ginseng (Kourai carrot)

SOS BURN S has more of these active ingredients than SOS GOLD PRO.

Experience of actually taking SOS BURN S

Take SOS BURN S in the morning and I do not feel hungry until night

When I drink SOS Burn S in the morning, that intense feeling of hunger that comes from about noon to after noon has been considerably relieved.


I always had plenty of snacks after noon, but when I drink SOS Burn S

I do not need it ……


At first I thought it was a moody thing, but on the day I drank it was always hungry and on the day I drank it I thought it was definitely hungry.

Take SOS BURN S in the morning and I sweat a lot

I hate exercise because of the hassle. So, during the diet, I did not exercise this except to walk to work.

However, on the day I drank SOS Bahn S, I was sweating sweat and back and side every time with only a few walking.

I felt a little nausea until the second day

Typical use 3 capsules each time.


I took 3 tablets according to that, but on the first day I was attacked by nausea around noon (-_-;)

I got used to it on the third day, but I thought it would be nice to start taking on a holiday.

【Result of diet】 It was -8kg in 2 months

I lost 8 kg in 2 months.

I regret that I did not measure the waist when I started, but it was slim enough to say that it was reduced by about one fist!


Indeed, the quality of the United States where obesity is a social problem is great … (-_-;)

It was two months in a flash (^ ^)





日本在住のお客様への大切なご注意: 当サイトで取り上げる製品は日本において再販売登録がされていないものがあります。もしご購入される場合は個人輸入のためのみにお買い求めいただけます。このウェブサイト及びリンク先サイトに掲載されている製品によっては、日本では医薬品成分であるものが含まれている場合がございます。自己の責任のもと、個人使用を目的にお求め下さい。


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