5 Most Common Office Illnesses

Office spaces are not considered as really dangerous. When you think of danger on your workplace, the first to come in mind are firemen, police officers, pilots, logging and construction workers. And why would you think there is any threat for your life while you sit a comfy chair in front of your computer, with perfect room temperature and no heavy lifting?

Office Cold Germs

You might not believe it, but with perfect conditions like that, a lot of people get chronically ill. Here are the top five illnesses you can get in the office.

Sinusitis. It sounds absurd, but it happens more often than you think. Working in an office eight hours a day, five days per week, the artificial cooling will cause serious damage to your sinuses. The problem comes with air conditioners. They make the sinus membranes dry out or even worse – crack. Also, the membrane can become quite sensitive to irritants and infections. And if you already have sinusitis, it will become even worse. You can experience serious headaches.

Chronic back pain. This can be caused by several factors – air conditioners, uncomfortable chairs, inappropriate clothing and uncomfortable sitting position. If the air conditioner is always blowing in your back, this might cause back pains. When you are at the same place for years, it could become chronic. But the more serious injuries could come from your chair and sitting position. If it’s uncomfortable, you should change it. Sitting for years on a bad chair will make your back hurt and could cause some deformations. With age the pain will become even worse. It is understandable we can’t sit in the right position for eight hours straight – we are not machines. But we can at least try.

Back Pain

Allergies. Again, the culprit is the air conditioner. Office buildings have big ACs, which are hardly maintained or not as often as they should. Why is this such a big problem? Because if it’s not maintained, there are different particles inside. Dust and mould can accumulate up. They can irritate your airways and lungs, which will cause allergies with time. Many people believe pollen is the source of allergies, but a dirty air conditioner can cause even more trouble.

Your Eyes. We all think working with a computer will ruin your eyes. It’s not entirely true. Modern monitors will harm your eyes as much as a book would. The problem comes from your surroundings. How many offices actually have natural lighting? Everything is artificial, it’s either dark or too bright. And when you are working a full day in front of a monitor, reading, writing, your eyes get tired. If they don’t get the proper rest, of course they’ll be ruined with time. Another problem is, when you go back home instead of resting or doing some physical exercises, you turn on your computer and start browsing the Internet. This makes it even worse.

The Flu. This is a big problem with office spaces and all professions where there are many people in one place. When one person sneezes be sure there will be another one after a while. It’s like a zombie apocalypse plot, the infection is spreading fast and everyone will get infected sooner or later. A simple sneeze won’t do much, but with the right conditions it can get dangerous. And there are good conditions for a virus to spread – air conditioners, steady temperatures, people close together, high moisture (sometimes). Always eat your vitamins, so your body can remain healthy and you avoid getting sick!

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This article is brought to you by Geoff Smith – an article writer interested in many topics, such as health care, fitness, entertainment, travelling and technologies. Presently he is working for End of Tenancy Cleaning London – a move out cleaning company based in London.

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